Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Two Things

i. Life is short. We live like we're going to keep on living forever, though it won't be long before we're just a memory. If you want to keep track of life, live right now. Be all there, wherever you are. Realize that everything you do has meaning. It matters. It counts. What matters most is what you DO, NOW. Not tomorrow, or next week. Today. And you now that list, crushed in between to-do lists from a year ago, and the college applications? That list, that mentions everything you want to do? Go do them. Stop living with clenched hands. 

ii. Life is beautiful. Why do we hold back in raising our voices about those unborn who have never felt the first spring rain on bare skin, or tasted chocolate, or watched the summer sunrises melt into the distance? Why don't we care? Why don't we do those things that will open the world's eyes to how beautiful a life is, how much they're depriving the world, the universe, the creation, themselves of a human life--the greatest miracle? 

A few passions of mine, and some thoughts that have been screaming to be let go.XO. 


Kimberly said...

yes, yes, yes! thank you for this!

missing you.
love, kimberly

Kady said...

So true. That pretty much says it all.
~Flaming Penguin

Anna said...

Beautiful! Life is so precious.
You are an amazing writer!

Jennoelle said...

needed this. also loooovely pictures. :)