Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Now, my hand trembles. Now, my thoughts whir. Now, I tell myself, “Plant your feet, small one. Stand rooted, stand grounded in the Lord.
              I am a dreamer, a free spirit: a girl with small hands that wants to touch the world with all that she is, with the time that she has been given. I want to feel everything I can and experience the world and it’s multicolored, jewelry faceted pieces. To know love, to know my heart beating out of its chest, to see and know peace in the mundane bits of life, and to see Jesus more clearly with every passing day, to understand and know what is a contented and grounded heart: these are my desires.
              As I am sitting here on a chevron couch on the third floor of Calvin Hall, I ponder my life again. What am I doing here? What does the Lord desire of me, want of me here and now? What are all these little flutterings in my chest that I get when I start dreaming of big plans and adventures? I can conjure up a million and one things that I want to do and be and experience and live. I want to feel fully myself now and always, and find God and his will in all the special dreams and passions that he has planted in my heart.

              Lord Jesus, in the midst of all these plans and dreams and crazy things I want to do, teach me how to be rooted and grounded in you first and foremost, and teach me how to love and serve you with where you have put me (and where you want me) right here, right now. 

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Charity Mann said...

Aha! I found this through a strange sort of path of blog searching. :) Your thoughts and writing style are lovely!