Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Letter

Dear one,
you are not defined by your weight, or what you wear, or how straight your teeth are or how wide your smile is, or how tall you are. You cannot be measured to someone non-existent, some perfect, someone unattainable. No matter how hard you try, it will always come back to the place where you and God are: you; naked, bare, imperfect, sinful—Him; beautiful, radiant, holy, Yahweh and Creator and Faithful One. The space between you may seem so large and empty, but He is with you. He’s never left your side. He certainly doesn’t define you by how many freckles the sun has painted on our face or sprinkled on your arms, or what your pant size is or how thin you think you are. He cares more about how kind you were the last time you were under a rising water of stress and if you bought those flowers for yourself or the elderly couple. His Son, your soul’s husband, died that you might live—and live abundantly. He set you free from the lies and measuring sticks, all those sticky webs of deception that were woven into you—‘ I must be perfect and pretty to be accepted, loved...’ He loves you no matter what, and always will. He is all that matters. He should be your heart cry, your greatest dream, your soul’s deepest, desire that can never be satisfied. Him.
So today is not the day for sadness, anxiety, fear. It is a time to live your story, as a changed character, freed from the chains that held you back for so long.
Just remember some things: you desperately need to shut up. Your temper and attitude and selfishness can swirl together and make a nasty mess once outside your mouth. You need to swallow that curt, sour remark. Swallow the biting sarcasm and angry words. You can let your cheek be slapped, and turn the other one too. God made you a word person, but that doesn’t mean He gives you the liberty to run around hurting people (consciously or unconsciously)
You’re not focused, either. Rush, rush, rush seems to be your motto. Your mouth is turned down in determination to get this done now, get it done quick (and move on). Whatever happened to discipline and drive, hard work and intense focus? Step back and breath, even for just a moment. Take some time to count your gifts, make some tea, and run steady.
Oh, and don’t forget. How many siblings do you have again? And, how many times have you laughed together, really chosen to laugh with them, intentionally sit with them and wrap your arms around them and tell them how much you really love them? What about Starbucks runs or special notes and spontaneous card games? Don’t forget to love those closest to you. It’s work, but it’s worth it.
Dear one, you need to remember you are loved by Someone. That makes everything worth it.

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Country Mouse said...

Well thought. Glorifying God and enjoying Him forever is our purpose. Doing it is the hard part...